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C4C Ministries

Bring the LOVE and teachings of Christ to our area's most vulnerable populations.




"Love, God Project"

  • Leading and building each other up to show them the way they should go.

  • Help the poor among you. 

  • Lend your ear to his direction.  

  • Love our neighbors as ourselves, love God with all of our heart. 

  • Unite and Ignite the body of Christ. 

  • Bear each others burdens.

  • Glorify His name.

  • Magnify His presence.

  • Reveal His magnificent glory. 

  • Show them signs and wonders. 

  • Bring the kingdom of heaven to them. 

  • Teach them the way they should go.

Prayer Group
     We are looking for Business, Faith-Based, Church, Civic, Private, Familial Groups to become our partners to launch your own “love, God” Project to Glorify your Heavenly Father, lead and unite business leaders, dancers, singers, actors, cook and bakers and ...essentially all WILLING HEARTS ready to use their God-given talents, hobbies, and gifts to GLORIFY His name, magnify His presence, His love, and His hand to serve His people.We will help you get started and walk you through every step of the way!
We are looking for arts and crafters, wood workers, marketers, fundraisers, grant writers, community partners, and essentially all WILLING HEARTS to serve and help in any way they are willing.

Love, God

Commitee Members

Tracy Palm
Christina Mulkey
Mary Barnas
Karen Knezevich

C4C Ministries

Board of Directors

Tracy Palm President
Christina Mulkey Vice-President
Wayne Meehean  Secretary/Treasurer



Help Those In Need

“Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord,
and he will repay him for his deed.” 

[Proverbs 19:17]

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