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"Love, God Project"


“Love, God” Project  Random Financial Assistance  “Love, God” partner-participants disburse random and unsolicited financial assistance throughout the year to local residents noted in need. Not a solicition-based program.

“Love, God” Project Emergency Support Program
 Lead with Emergency Support Program. "love, God" partner-participants provide specific support for local families or individuals in need for much-needed home repair projects, auto repair projects, household needs, or children's needs on pre-determined rotation basis. Referral only per partner-partnerships. Not a solicitation-based program.


     The love, God Project Mission – Phase I – Our partners randomly and unanimously seek and
scour our streets and communities to provide impromptu financial blessings to those He directs
us to bless. A business card is presented to random receivers with the “love, God” logo on
front and a website address and phone number for folks to call should they want to hear more
about God’s love. Therefore, creating an exchange where the love, presence, and hand of God
is glorified as opposed to the love, presence, or hand of a church, organization or a person
being offered and, as such, glorified. This project is not solicitation-based.

     The love, God Project Mission – Phase II – To comb the community seeking random families,
individuals, homes, to meet with to financially support in areas such as home repair projects,
auto repair projects, bigger household needs, children’s needs, etc. Once family in need is
identified and initial contact is made, if both sides agree to supports needed, a referral is made
to partner group/agency for approval or not. If identified family is approved, family will be
contacted and arrangements for repairs, financial assistance, etc., will be made.

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